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Mobile Grooming

We bring the grooming salon to you!

Service comes to you - home or office - saves you time!

Our van is equipped with all the comforts of our salon located in Benicia and is powered with a Clean Power System.

Stress free environment - no longer worry about your pet's separation anxiety; your pet stays at home and you are welcome to stay with your pet.

One-on-one personal service - your pet gets one on one attention from the groomer and is groomed start to finish in 1-2 hours.

Eliminate car transportation - no need to take time to drive your pet to and from the salon. The mobile comes to you saving you time and gas. Also a plus for those pets that experience car sickness and senior pets.

Flexible scheduling/standing appointments - the grooming service is accommodating to your schedule. Your pet is never put in a crate or exposed to other animals.

Totally green and environment-friendly . No noisy generator creating pollution, the van is powered by a lithium phosphate battery system that includes solar panels for charging.