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Houndsly USA Honey and Oatmeal Dog Perfume Spray

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Is your pup's coat smelling a bit drab? Get them ready for their close up with Houndsly USA! This fur-friendly dog fragrance and deodorizer of Honey and Oatmeal will instantly whisk your pooch into the world of fabulousness.

This gentle scent brings out their natural cozy charm and is sure to get compliments from all their canine friends! Plus, the calming aroma will soothe even the most hyperactive of hounds after a long walk or play session.

So show your pup some love with our Honey and Oatmeal scent - it'll leave 'em feeling like royalty from nose to tail. Your furry friend deserves it!


Product details
All our scents are hand made using our gentle, long lasting formula developed by our founders in the UK! Using only the best quality human-grade ingredients, our dog perfume and deodorizer sprays are completely alcohol, aldehyde, paraben and sulphate free!